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  1. It is YOUR responsibility to read the guidelines on this page before participating in outings with the Albany Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club

FITNESS: Know your level of fitness and limitations. The trip leader will ask questions about your experience, fitness, equipment, medical condition, expectations, etc. Be Honest!

DEPARTURE: Unless otherwise stated, please sign up with the leader for all Chapter activities. Do not simply show up at the designated meeting place. Arrive at the car pooling site before the stated departure time. Please pay the driver to offset the costs of driving.

GAS PRICES: Due to increasing gas prices, it is very important that everyone shares fairly in the cost of gas to ease the burden on the drivers. When participating in chapter outings, please be sure to share in the cost of the gas, factoring in the distance and current price of gas. Leaders should remind participants of this at the start of the activity.

PETS: Do not bring a pet unless the trip leader agrees that it is okay. Bring a leash.

ETIQUETTE: Please stay with the group or ask to proceed and stop at the first intersection and wait for the entire group to re-assemble.

EQUIPMENT: You are expected to carry your own and adequate equipment, water and food. If in doubt about what to bring, ask the trip leader!

Suggestions for all seasons: water: 2 – 3 quarts, layered clothing (NO cotton), extra socks, hat, shell (wind & rain), extra sweater or jacket, headlamp, gloves, sturdy boots, sun glasses/screen (SPF 15), first aid kit, food, map & compass.

Winter add-ons: skis or snowshoes, crampons, ski pole or ice axe.

Backpack add-ons: tent, stove, fuel, change of clothes, cook pot & utensils, sleeping bag & pad, water filter.

CANCELLATIONS: Let the trail Leader know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your planned activity. Most have waiting lists.

CALLS: Most Leaders appreciate being called before 9:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified.

CELL PHONES: It is common courtesy to keep cell phones turned off when traveling in a car or on the trail with a group.

Hike Rating System

Rating Effort Level Elevation Gain (feet) Miles Time (hours)
A+ Very Strenuous 4,000+ 10+ 10+
A Strenuous 3,000+ 5-10 8-10
B+ Moderately Strenuous 2,000+ 5-10 6-8
B Moderate 1,000+ 8-10 5-7
C+ Fairly Easy 1,000+ 5-8 4-6
C Easy Under 1,000 Under 5 Under 5


Paddler Rating System

Rating Miles Portages Water Class
A 12+ Long (1/2 mile+) II – Whitewater
B 6-12 Short I – Moving
C Under 6 None Flat


Bike Rating System

Rating Miles Terrain
A 30+ Moderate to steep
B 15-30 Moderate
C Under 15 Flat to moderate



From the south (Albany) driving north on the Northway get off at Exit 9 and take the ramp to the red light on Rt. 146. Directly across you will see the Park & Ride on the left side of the road and a USA gas station on the right. Proceed straight across Rt. 146 onto Fire Rd. turn left into the Park & Ride.

From the north (Saratoga) driving south on the Northway get off at Exit 9E. At the end of the ramp go right by merging onto Rt.146 heading east.

Move to the left outside lane under the Northway bridge to take a left onto Fire Rd. You will see the Park & Ride on your left and a USA gas station across the road. Take a left into the Park & Ride.


General Information for Evening Paddling Trips

On most Tuesday (some Wednesday) evenings from May thru October the ADK Albany Chapter paddles various waterways in the Capital District area. There are at least 2 groups. The slow group (“Lily-Dippers”) goes as slow as the slowest paddler and may be best for short wide boats or less skilled paddlers. The moderate group is for most everyone else and goes about 3 to 3.5 mph. If there is enough interest, a fast group will be formed. Expect to paddle for about two hours. Scheduled trips launch rain or shine. It is suggested that you obtain a good roadmap of the Capital District or use for directions to the launch site locations. It is customary, after the paddle, for the group Leader to pick a nearby restaurant and convene the Paddlers Committee Meeting (PCM) to socialize, plan future trips and enjoy a meal with old and new friends. Everyone who paddles is automatically a Committee Member and is invited to participate.

The following are the Albany Chapter guidelines to participate in the Evening Paddles:

1) Respect Other Users of the Waterways — Steer clear of fishermen. Don’t forget their fishing lines go well out into the water. Stay close to shore when motorboats are out. Red & Green Buoys mark the deep water channels – stay between the buoys & shore. Paddle in a tight group when crossing large bodies of water.

2) Launch on Time — Please be in your boats on the water and congregated near shore before the launch time. People launching after start time are not officially with the group. The leaders will conduct a short On-the-Water Meeting with the group to discuss the water, weather conditions and plans for the paddle.

3) Duty of the Paddler — It is the responsibility of the paddler to stay with the group and know who the leaders are – If you don’t know, ask someone.

4) Leaving the Group – The leaders take a headcount at the On-the-Water Meeting. Therefore, please notify one of the leaders if you need to leave the group for any reason. ADK is not responsible for paddlers who choose not to paddle with the group.

5) Required Gear — All paddlers must bring along a white light (a headlamp is good), a whistle (a pealess one is best) and must wear a PFD (Personal Floatation Device aka life jacket). There are no exceptions to these requirements. It is also a good idea to bring raingear, water, bug-dope (mosquitoes are quite active in summer at dusk) and an extra set of clothes in the car.

6) Clothing — Other than in July & August all paddlers should not wear cotton clothing – if you must wear cotton, bring along a full change of clothing in a dry bag. Expect to have your feet in the water when launching. Some of the launch spots are slippery and have underwater debris. Waterproof footwear (most experienced paddlers use neoprene booties or mukluks) is highly recommended in the cooler months.

7) Guests – You may bring a guest. He/she is your responsibility and must adhere to all of the Evening Paddle Guidelines.