Help Monitor Illegal ATV Use of the Taconic Crest Trail (TCT)

The Albany Chapter and Taconic Hiking Club have been monitoring the issue of ATV trespass on the TCT. A local forest ranger has been vigorously enforcing state regulations, and has apprehended several riders. DEC has repaired ATV damage on sections of the trail and posted positive signage at several trailhead locations. It’s important that we hike the trail and monitor any illegal ATV activity. Please help us monitor ATV activity on the TCT.

Report any incidences to:

DEC Ranger : Hannah O’Connor,
c: (518) 414-4605
o: (518) 357-1261
Dispatch: (518)408-5850

Please also copy ADK at:
David Pisaneschi,
Albany ADK, ESP,
PO Box 2116, Albany, NY 12220

or at

Please include descriptions of individuals and vehicles, license numbers, along with date, time and location on trail. PLEASE DO NOT CHALLENGE OR CONFRONT ATV USERS. Any photos of ATVs and damage along the trail would also be useful.